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“BTC Networks is a recognized leader in providing integrated solutions”

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We provide consultation, implementation and maintenance of services and solutions to eliminate the challenges of costly and ineffective communication. We assist our customers by connecting people and providing solutions to streamline processes.

Hence, we increase internal efficiency, maximize productivity and enhance output by combining our expertise and knowledge in emerging technologies, professional insight on case by case requirements and the provision of a team consisting of skilled specialists. Our integration specialists then transform your company’s infrastructure and deploy customized solutions that make communication seamless and cost-effective. As a result, our customers rapidly achieve return on their investment.





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Solutions for all sectors

After three decades in business it was inevitable that we would encounter multiple industries. Successfully designing, engineering and implementing solutions for one industry and transferring that know-how to another is one reason BTC keeps growing and evolving to serve our customers.

We have the experience to tackle any situation for any sector, with a portfolio made up of diverse divisions and CIT Solutions.


Financial Sector

We have comprehensive relationship with the banking sector. We are experienced in developing numerous digital data solutions, establishing a high security network without risk of transmission delay or intrusion, and the provision of contact center solutions.

Governmental Sector

We have a vast spectrum of services that can be customized and utilized by members of government that offers nationwide communication solutions of the highest protocol such as; two-way communication system in the VHF/UHF frequency band, SCADA Networks, telecommunication network backups, low data rate VHF Radio, handhelds founded on APCO-25 technology and high security, anti-intrusion, private and encrypted networks.

Health Sector

We have helped medical institutions to capitalize on the importance of medical data communication and video conferencing by creating a network capable of a reliable transmission of crucial information, at fast speeds, and an instant membership to a global medical community .

Military Sector

BTC was entrusted with one of the most crucial responsibilities safety of the nation. We have built Security encrypted networks that ensure information is protected and contained to the designated parties. We have also constructed digital data solutions that connect military bases across the Kingdom, allowing them to perform their duties with efficiency and no added risk.

Hospitality Sector

With no limit to innovative solutions, BTC has achieved a new level of integration by implementing hotel/motel functionality systems integrated with property management systems for a more controlled and manageable service environment with wireless capabilities, IP solutions, IP TV and surveillance capabilities.

Industrial Sector

Our portfolio includes industrial proof solutions for this sector. From the installation of medium density F/O Tele-protection system, to the construction of a complete VSAT network; BTC creates networks that are versatile and can be utilized for both local and global industrial operations.

Educational Sector

Helping academic institutions become more efficient and connected, BTC uses state-of-the- art technology to stay up-to-date on modern academic trends and findings. BTC also develops e-class solutions that include audio, visual and electronic white boards.

Enterprise Sector

From converged networking, IP Networks and TV, structured cabling, wireless, smart solutions, low current, building management systems, surveillance and internet services, BTC is able to provide end-to-end and comprehensive solutions that help businesses move forward.

Telecom Sector

We are experienced in handling telecommunication projects of the largest scope with great success and expertise. With a wide variety of telecom solutions (including wired/ wireless solutions, digital data and WiMAX networks, core network solutions, software and hardware, applications and value added services) BTC is able to deliver the latest of reliable and efficient nation-wide services at global standards.

Housing Sector
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